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Is it 2014 yet? Well at the time of writing, no, but we’re certainly looking forward to a year of shows which we seriously hope aren’t dominated by memories of floods, rain-offs, and generally bad weather! We’ve been promoting shows for 26 years  and the whole of 2012, and now the winter of 2013/2014 has seen some truly awful weather… please let it be behind us!

The first ‘Shows-UK’ event of 2013 was the Rod and Kustom kulture SPRING BREAK … which was sunny enough, and only a little warmer than the first event in 2012. The best value, by far, and the best experience of SPRING BREAK was to take advantage of two nights camping, two evening’s entertainment and the daytime activities, a complete bargain, even cheaper than the venue’s normal overnight tariff. 

This year, we’re praying for a mild April, and certain that good though SPRING BREAK was in 2012, SPRING BREAK#3 will be just a stonker of an event.  Bands, DJ’s and Burlesque are not restricted to the evening, there will be plenty to keep you entertained and amused throughout each day, and it just steps up a gear during the evening. Full details are available on the SPRING BREAK page (here) but the enthusiasm which greeted the first show can’t be overstated, and if you weren’t there for the first year, don’t miss “The Hot Rod & Kustom Kulture SPRING BREAK’ in 2014. The best new event for years, and already becoming a ‘must go’ show!  . 




Why it took Brett 25 years to follow ‘Bug Jam’ with ‘Bus Jam’, a camper and commercials only event, is anyone’s guess… but when it finally happened it was universally acclaimed as a truly great new addition to the VW camper calendar. (That’s not strictly true… at least half a dozen people complained that they heard too much Ska and Reggae over the weekend… ) But apart from that, Bus Jam hit the ground running, and the show got of to a fantastic start on probably the best weekend’s weather in the whole of 2012. 2013 was great and the 2014 event is set to be even more fabulous, and still one of the cheapest weekend events on the calendar. More information (here).

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